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This environmental nonprofit brings the vision of Zero Waste to reality through action! Race to Zero Waste (R20W) is devoted to educating individuals on zero waste principles and simple actions through reuse, source reduction, re-earth, and avoidance of single-use plastics. R20W provides a fun and engaging fundraising platforms through sponsored activities with information and tips geared toward waste-free living, promoting healthy and vibrant communities, and engagement of stakeholders.

In addition, our team also provides services to special events, businesses, and institutions by providing outreach, education, zero waste audits, technical assistance, and implementation.

Zero Waste principles will help heal our planet and protect its resources through resource conservation. These efforts can have a significant impact on greenhouse gas emissions in the United States. With our climate changing, there is an urgency to educate ourselves on its impact and how to prevent irreversible trends. The time is now for all of us to Race to Zero Waste!

Some past event highlights:

Healing Through Action:

Cup-Free (Bring Your Own Bottle) 5K Fun Run/1 Mile Walk
Volunteer Beach, River, or Community Clean-up

Education and Awareness:

Speaker Engagement
Sponsored Education Stations
Alternatives to Single-Use Plastics
Yoga, Music & Raffle Prizes

The main purpose of this race is to educate others about Zero Waste and plastic alternatives through sponsored education stations. We believe this context will provide citizens with real solutions to engage in policy and regulatory action; and in turn, help to reduce water and energy use while also curtailing harmful pollutants in the environment. As a result, it will grant community members participating in the race the tools and options they need to live more sustainably. To learn more about the definition of Zero Waste please click visit

Race to Zero Waste is a fiscally sponsored project of MarinLink.

  runner partipants     Runner during R20

  ED clean water action, Beth Terry, and Jeff of Litterati     male winner