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Race to Zero Waste, Inc has years of experience providing events zero waste services. Let our team provide your event with public zero waste education, green procurement, on-the-ground support, and single-use plastic alternatives at your event. Whether a small graduation party or a 500,000 person festival. Most of our events exceed 85% diversion from landfill! Contact for more information.

Race to Zero Waste is proud to use HydraPour™ Technology to reduce unnecessary paper cups during the Fun Run! To learn more about  HydraPour™

and watch the video click this link here.

Use refillable jugs or create water stations and encourage your event goers to bring their own bottle.

Encourage vendors and exhibitors to not use single-use disposables.

Hire the Zero Waste Chef  for your next event or venue to reduce waste!

Contact Imperfect Produce to deliver fresh and edible produce to your next event.

Use reusable jars, stainless steel cups, plates, forks, and napkins to reduce waste.

Look into using Solar Power at your next event!