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Volunteer Waiver Terms and Conditions

By submitting a volunteer form you are consenting to the following terms and conditions.

I understand, acknowledge, and agree that I am serving as a volunteer to provide temporary services to Race to Zero Waste. I understand that I am not an employee of either Race to Zero Waste.

I am acting solely as an individual/volunteer for the race and/or beach cleanup. I understand and acknowledge that I am responsible for my own personal safety and property and that I am not eligible for any worker’s compensation in the event that I am injured during my engagement as a volunteer. In the event of my personal injury, death, loss of personal property and/or any other loss whatsoever, I hereby waive any and all claims against, either Race to Zero Waste or their respective board of directors, employees, agents, volunteers, and affiliated sponsors. I understand and agree that I am responsible for any and all costs associated with any injury or other loss that I may sustain regardless of fault during my engagement as a volunteer.

I hereby acknowledge and agree to hold harmless Race to Zero Waste and their respective board of directors, employees, agents, volunteers, and affiliated sponsors for any losses, expenses, demands, and claims that should arise as a result of my activities as a volunteer regardless of their cause or nature.

I understand and agree I am not an agent of Race to Zero Waste and that I am not authorized to make any agreement with any third party, which might obligate either the Race to Zero Waste, said third party.

I understand and agree my services as a volunteer may be terminated at any time and for any reason, with or without cause.

I acknowledge I am not under the influence of any substance that might impair my judgment or compromise my safety or the safety of others, and agree not to use any such substance during my engagement as a volunteer.

By submitting the volunteer form, I acknowledge I have read and understood this document and intend to be legally bound by its contents.