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Sign the Plastics Treaty Petition to the USA!

This petition is specifically addressed to the USA due to its position as a world economic power. On the global stage, it is important for the USA to be a leader in increasing ambition and regulating the plastics industry. In the first round of negotiations for a Global Plastics Treaty in Uruguay, the USA supported weak national goals and demanded very little from industry. We need strong participation from the US for the Global Plastics Treaty to be maximally effective.



Recently, The US Congress has introduced a bill in the House of Representatives to reduce plastic production and support reuse initiatives. This is the kind of action needed at the international level, as well.

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Who should sign this petition? 

This petition is addressed to the USA, and people living in the States should definitely sign! But, the USA’s actions affect people around the world. Anyone one can sign our petition! 

To: The US Government, The EPA, US Representatives to the United Nations

From: [your name]

Despite the evidence gathered over recent decades that plastic pollution is harmful to both the environment and human health, the plastics industry expects to continue growing and producing more and more plastic products in the coming years. It’s time to turn off the plastic tap!

In recognition of the plastic pollution crisis, nations met for the first Intergovernmental Negotiating Committee on a Plastics Treaty in Uruguay this past November. The USA is a key player in the discussion on what a Global Plastics Treaty might look like. Given the ample capacity for leadership that the USA has as a nation, it was disappointing to see that, once again, the USA sided with industry and profit over people and planet.

Instead of forming part of the High Ambition Coalition in favor of a meaningful, legally binding treaty with concrete reduction goals, the USA proposed using a weak system of goal-oriented Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs). This is how nations are currently addressing climate change under the UNFCCC Paris Agreement. Unfortunately, progress is slow and overly dependent on industry input, which leads to miniscule progress over the course of decades. Because of this stagnation, emissions have continued to rise since the Rio Declaration in 1992. A Global Plastics Treaty must follow a different method to avoid similar non-action issues.

Undeniably, it is time for the USA to follow a new playbook; one that does not lead to the same decades-long dance that we have seen with both tobacco and climate change. We have an opportunity to address the plastic pollution crisis. It is time for the US to step up and show leadership towards restoration, resource conservation, and equity. The USA needs to support strong regulatory measures for the Treaty to be effective on a scale that will reduce absolute production and mitigate climate change.


I add my name to petition the USA to support a legally binding Global Plastics Treaty that includes:

– Mandatory caps on plastic production to significantly reduce the production and use of virgin plastics from the moment the treaty enters into force. We demand absolute reduction, not a system of cap & trade or similar.

– The Polluter Pays Principle. We demand extended producer responsibility for the collection, recycling, and/or disposal of existing and future plastic products. Our municipalities (read: our taxes) should not have to subsidize the clean up of the plastics industry’s mess.

– Immediate reduction and elimination of hazardous additives and elements used in plastic production. We demand that manufacturing follow the Precautionary Principle, to only use substances that are proven safe.

– Trade and shipping stipulations to avoid loopholes. We demand global accountability, not only the participation of a few.

– Investment for and implementation of reuse, refill, and repair systems. We demand alternatives to single use.

– Harmonization of containers among industries to facilitate reuse, refill, and end-of-life recovery.

– Specific transition assistance and protections for the informal waste sector, waste pickers, sorters, and those living near plastic production and incineration sites.

The rest of the world is waiting for the USA to prove itself a leader. The people are ready for a zero waste future. It’s time for an ambitious, legally-binding Global Plastics Treaty to protect our people, our planet, and our future.

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