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This  challenge encourages individuals to choose 1 or more of 10 actions to reduce waste this fall and get others involved in their effort. The challenge is to expand beyond just eliminating single-use disposables, because the reality is not everyone in the U.S. or beyond has access to purchasing in bulk, clean and accessible water, or even fresh food. However, there are many actions one can take to feel empowered and take steps toward reducing waste. We can ALL do small actions that make a big difference! 

How it works? 

1.) Simply sign up and choose one of the 10 actions below. We encourage all participants to start by learning what is the peer reviewed international definition of “zero waste” here

2.) Subscribe to our YouTube Channel to watch featured short presentations and interviews by zero waste pros with creative tips to reduce waste or learn about issues such as environmental justice. 

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All participants will be entered in a raffle for a chance to win sponsored prizes such as a Sports Basement gift card, Zero Waste Kit, branded Race to Zero Waste cup or stainless steel straw!

Zero Waste Actions

  • Start composting, Composting can be done in any space. Check out this past Zero Waste Action Hour presentation on DIY home composting from Zero Waste Brazil!

  • Go Plogging! What the heck is plogging? Plogging is jogging while picking up litter. Yes, it is a thing and picking up litter is something the earth desperately needs.  Not into jogging? Take a stroll and bring your litter picker.  Is there an app for that? There sure it! Check out the Wastehunters app for more information! 

  • Eat/Feed local. Grow your own food, participate in community gardens, subscribe to a CSA, shop at a Farmer’s Market, or donate surplus food. Sustain yourself and help build a sustainable community like our our friends at Merced People’s Fridge & The Groovy Grove Gratitude Garden. 

  • Enjoy more plant-based meals.  Meatless Monday, Tofu Tuesdayimprove your health and reduce your carbon footprint. Ordering take-out? Check out vegetarian & vegan options in reusable containers from Dispatch Goods 

  • Cut/Craft mylar, Chips and granola bars make life on the go easier but contribute to the waste stream. Try switching snacks or finding ways to upcycle would be landfill items. Check out The Trash Pirates.

  • Educate yourself around eco-justice. The fact is that systemic racism and exploitation of the poor and working class prevent zero waste. Listen, learn, and support organizations like Hip Hop for Change and Eco-Justice Radio.

  • Go Tiny! 2020 has made many realize that lots of stuff isn’t really important. Learn about downsizing and tiny home living with Lindsey Wood and the Tiny Home Experience or learn about zero waste organizing from the Next Highest Good.

  • Create your own Zero Waste Action. Get together with family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers to create your own plans and put sustainability into action! 

  • Upcycle Your Wardrobe! In a world of fast fashion, discarded clothing in a huge contributor to landfills. Extend the life of torn, stained, or unwanted clothes by learning how to mend holes or repurpose clothing. Learn how to mend from Zen Stitching 

  • Perform a Waste Audit. A waste audit is an evaluation of your trash and an opportunity to see what the major contributors are. Waste audits are normally performed by companies to better understand their waste streams and you can do the same thing at home by simply taking a peek at what’s filling up your garbage can. Learn how to get started from the Zero Waste Collective

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